Cromonimet steel limited  is a reliable manufacturer, exporter, and supplier of best quality Stainless Steel Round Bars. We present a range of Stainless Steel Round Bars, which is available in different shapes, sizes, dimensions, and specifications. We supply these round bars to our domestic and international clients at affordable rates. We source our raw material from the established vendors of the industry and ensure that we fabricate our products in compliance with the fixed market norms and standards. We have gained the trust of our customers by offering a comprehensive array of Stainless Steel Round Bars. Stainless Steel is often referred to as corrosion-resistant steel that does not stain, corrode or rust in the extreme environment as quickly as normal carbon steel. It differs significantly from standard carbon steel due to the presence of chromium, which helps to reduce surface corrosion, unlike carbon steel, which will rust when exposed to air and any moisture in the atmosphere. Our Stainless Steel Round Bars are designed and manufactured with accuracy, which makes it more demandable. Moreover, owing to their durability, longer life & resistance against corrosion, these are highly acclaimed.

At Cromonimet steel limited, we offer an extensive range of Stainless Steel Round Bars that are highly durable in nature and are quality tested on varied parameters. Our entire product range is abrasion resistant in nature and has flawless finishing. We offer our products at the most affordable rates. Stainless Steel Rods are used in food industries, chemical construction, power generation, marine, Pharmaceuticals, etc. We have installed a well-equipped manufacturing unit with all the latest technology and advanced machinery available under one roof. Our team is striving hard to maintain the quality of products at every stage of the production process. We have a separate quality testing department where each product is keenly tested and verified based on different quality parameters to deliver the best quality Stainless Steel Round Bars to our clients. We do follow the National and International Standards for the fabrication of quality products. Cromonimet steel limited is known for timely delivery of products. We use proper packing material to wrap products, and we deliver it to our clients with proper labeling.


SS Round Bars SpecificationsASTM A276 / A479, ASME SA276 / A479
Dimensional specificationEN, DIN, JIS, ASTM, BS, ASME, AISI
SS Round Bar Size3mm~ 800mm
ASTM A276 SS Square Bar Size4mm* 4mm ~100mm* 100mm
SS Flat Bar Size2mm ~ 100mm
SS Hex Bar Size2mm ~ 100mm
Stainless Steel Round Bar Thickness50 mm to 6000 mm Long
Stainless Steel Round Bar Length1 To 6 Meters, Custom Cut Length
Value Added ServicesCutting, Beveling, Polishing, Threading, Destructive, Non Destructive, Ultrasonic Testing
Manufacturing TechniquesNormalized & as Rolled
Inspection and Test ReportsEN 10204 3.1, Mill Test Certificates, Chemical Reports, PMI Test Reports, Mechanical Reports, Third Party Inspection, NABL Approved Lab, Visual Inspection, Destructive Test and Non Destructive Test Reports
Nominal Round Bar Sizes
Round Bar Schedule or Pressure
Manufacturing Method (FF / RF / RTJ)
Heat Number
Manufacturer’s Name or Custom Logo – on request
Marked Round Bar Sample: ASTM A479 Round Bar HEAT NO. XXXX
Outside FinishFinish as per customer Requirements
Delivery ConditionAnnealed and Pickled, Polished, Bright Annealed, Cold Drawn
Heat TreatmentNormalized, Normalized & Tempered
Packing of SS Round BarsPacked in Wooden Boxes, Plastic Bags, Steel Strips Bundled, or as per Customers Requests
SpecialsSizes and Specifications other than above can be on request


Stainless Steel Hex BarStainless Steel Black Bar
SS Hex Bar ManufacturerSS Polish Round Bar
Stainless Steel Forged RodSS Polished Round Bars Stockist
ASTM A276 Stainless Steel Round BarsStainless Steel Custom Round Bars
SS Forged Round BarsStainless Steel Round Rods
SS Quality Round Bars ExporterStainless Steel Heavy Round Bar
Stainless Steel Flat BarsStainless Steel Square Bars
Stainless Steel Flat Bar DealerCustom Stainless Steel Round Bar
Stainless Steel Round RodASTM A479 Stainless Steel Round Bar
Stainless Steel Bright BarStainless Steel Round Rod
SS High Quality Round BarSS Half-Round Bar
SS Rectangular BarASTM A276 SS Hexagonal Bar
SS Round Bar Supplier in MumbaiASME SA479 Stainless Steel Round Bar
Stainless Steel Threaded BarASTM A276 SS Precision Ground Bar
Stainless Steel Threaded Round BarStainless Steel Heavy Size Round Bar
ASTM A276 SS Triangle BarStainless Steel Hollow Bar
SS Round Bars WholesalerSS Round Bars


AISI 303 Round Bars
AISI 304 Round Bars
AISI 304L Round Bars
AISI 304H Round Bars
AISI 310 Round Bars
AISI 310S Round Bars
AISI 316 Round Bars
AISI 316L Round Bars
AISI 316H Round Bars
AISI 316Ti Round Bars
AISI 317L Round Bars
AISI 321 Round Bars
AISI 321H Round Bars
AISI 347 Round Bars
AISI 410 Round Bars
AISI 416 Round Bars
AISI 420 Round Bars
ASTM A887 Grade S30460
ASTM A887 Grade S30461
ASTM A887 Grade S30462
ASTM A887 Grade S30463
ASTM A887 Grade S30464
ASTM A887 Grade S30465
ASTM A887 Grade S30466
ASTM A887 Grade S30467
DIN 1.4301
DIN X 5 CrNi 18 9
DIN X5CrNi18-10
BS 304S15
BS 304S31
UNI X5CrNi1810
SS 2332
UNE F.3551
SAE 304
EN X5CrNi18-10
EN 1.4301
GOST 08Ch18N10
GB 0Cr18Ni9
UNS S30400
ASTM A193 Grade B8P Class 1D
ASTM A193 Grade B8P Class 1
ASTM A193 Grade B8P Class 2
ASTM A193 Grade B8PA Class 1A
ASTM A194 Grade 8P
ASTM A194 Grade 8PA
ASTM A182 Grade F316L
ASTM A182 Grade F316LN
ASTM A193 Grade B8MLN Class 1
ASTM A193 Grade B8MLN Class 1D
ASTM A193 Grade B8MLNA Class 1A
ASTM A194 Grade 8MLN
ASTM A194 Grade 8MLNA
ASTM A240 Grade S31603
ASTM A240 Grade S31653
ASTM A249 Grade TP316L
ASTM A249 Grade TP316LN
ASTM A276 Grade S31603
ASTM A276 Grade S31653
ASTM A276 Grade S31654
ASTM A314 Grade S31603
ASTM A320 Grade B8MLN Class 1
ASTM A320 Grade B8MLNA Class 1A
ASTM A336 Grade F316LN
ASTM A358 Grade A240 Type 316
ASTM A358 Grade 316
ASTM A358 Grade A240 Type 316L
ASTM A358 Grade A240 Type 316LN
ASTM A403 Grade CR316L
ASTM A403 Grade 316L
ASTM A403 Grade CR316LN
ASTM A403 Grade WP316L
ASTM A403 Grade WP316LN
ASTM A473 Grade 316L
ASTM A478 Grade 316L
ASTM A479 Grade S31603
ASTM A479 Grade S31653
ASTM A493 Grade S31603
ASTM A580 Grade S31603
ASTM A632 Grade TP316L
ASTM A666 Grade S31603
ASTM A774 Grade TP316L
ASTM A778 Grade TP316L
ASTM A793-96 Grade 316L
ASTM A813 Grade TP316L
ASTM A813 Grade TP316LN
ASTM A814 Grade TP316L
ASTM A814 Grade TP316LN
ASTM A943 Grade TP316L
ASTM A943 Grade TP316LN
ASTM A955 Grade S31603
ASTM A959 Grade S31603
ASTM A959 Grade S31653
ASTM A959 Grade S31654
ASTM A965 Grade F316LN
ASTM A988 Grade S31603
ASTM A988 Grade 18Cr8Ni modified with Mo low carbon
ASTM A988 Grade S31653
ASTM A988 Grade 18Cr8Ni modified with Mo and N
ASTM F2281 Grade S31603
ASTM F2281 Type I Class A
ASTM F593 Grade S31603
ASTM F593 Grade Alloy Group 2
ASTM F594 Grade S31603
ASTM F594 Alloy Group 2
ASTM F738M Grade S31603
ASTM F738M Grade Alloy Group A4
ASTM F836M Grade S31603
ASTM F836M Grade Alloy Group A4
ASTM F837 Grade S31603
ASTM F837 Grade Property Class A1
ASTM F879 Grade S31603
ASTM A167Grade 310
ASTM A182 Grade F310
ASTM A182 Grade F310H
ASTM A213 Grade S31002
ASTM A213 Grade TP310Cb
ASTM A213 Grade TP310H
ASTM A213 Grade TP310HCb
ASTM A213 Grade TP310HCbN
ASTM A213 Grade TP310MoLN
ASTM A213 Grade TP310S
ASTM A240 Grade S30100
ASTM A240 Grade S30103
ASTM A240 Grade S30153
ASTM A554 Grade MT301
ASTM A666 Grade S30100
ASTM A666 Grade S30103
ASTM A666 Grade S30153
ASTM A959 Grade S30100
ASTM A959 Grade S30103
ASTM A959 Grade S30153
DIN 1.4310
DIN X12CrNi-17-7
DIN 14
DIN X10CrNi18-8
DIN X12CrNi17-7
DIN X 12 CrNi 17 7
AFNOR X10CrNi18-8
AFNOR Z12CN17-07
BS 301S21
BS X10CrNi18-8
UNI X2CrNi1807
SS 2331
UNE F.3517
AISI S30100
AISI 30301
SAE 301
SAE S30100
SAE 30301
EN X10CrNi18-8
EN 1.4310
ISO X10CrNi18-8
GOST 12Ch18N9
GB 1Cr17Ni7
UNS S30200
UNS S30100
UNS S30151
ASTM A167 Grade 302B
ASTM A194 Grade 8F
ASTM A194 Grade 8F with Se
ASTM A194 Grade 8FA
ASTM A194 Grade 8FA with Se
ASTM A213 Grade S30432
ASTM A240 Grade S30200
ASTM A276 Grade S20162
ASTM A276 Grade S30200
ASTM A276 Grade S30215
ASTM A313 Grade S30200
ASTM A313 Grade 302 Class 2
ASTM A313 Grade 302 Class 1
ASTM A314 Grade S28200
ASTM A314 Grade S30200
ASTM A314 Grade S30215
ASTM A314 Grade S30300
ASTM A314 Grade S30323
ASTM A320 Grade B8F Class 1
ASTM A320 Grade 303
ASTM A320 Grade B8F Class 2
ASTM A320 Grade B8FA Class 1A
ASTM A320 Grade 303Se
ASTM A368 Grade 302
ASTM A473 Grade 302
ASTM A473 Grade 302B
ASTM A473 Grade 303
ASTM A473 Grade 303Se
ASTM A478 Grade 302
ASTM A479 Grade S30200
ASTM A492 Grade S30200
ASTM A493 Grade S30200
ASTM A493 Grade S30430
ASTM A511 Grade MT302
ASTM A511 Grade MT303Se
ASTM A554 Grade MT302
ASTM A580 Grade S30200
ASTM A580 Grade S30215
ASTM A581 Grade S30300
ASTM A581 Grade S30323
ASTM A582 Grade S30300
ASTM A582 Grade S30323
ASTM A666 Grade S30200
ASTM A895 Grade S30300
ASTM A895 Grade S30323
ASTM A959 Grade S20162
ASTM A959 Grade S30200
ASTM A959 Grade S30215
ASTM A959 Grade S30300
ASTM A959 Grade S30323
ASTM A959 Grade S30430
ASTM A959 Grade S30432
ASTM F593 Grade S30300
ASTM F593 Grade Alloy Group 1
ASTM F593 Grade S30323
ASTM F593 Grade S30430
ASTM F593 Grade S30433
ASTM F594 Grade S30300
ASTM F594 Grade Alloy Group 1
ASTM F594 Grade S30323
ASTM F594 Grade S30430
ASTM F594 Grade S30433
ASTM F738M Grade S30300
ASTM F738M Grade Alloy Group A1
ASTM F738M Grade S30323
ASTM F738M Grade S30430
ASTM F738M Grade S30433
ASTM F836M Grade S30300
ASTM F836M Grade Alloy Group A1
ASTM F836M Grade S30323
ASTM F836M Grade S30430
ASTM F836M Grade S30433
ASTM F837 Grade S30300
ASTM F837 Grade Property Class A1
ASTM F837 Grade S30430
ASTM F837 Grade S30433
ASTM F879 Grade S30430
ASTM F879 Grade S30433
ASTM F880 Grade S30300
ASTM F880 Grade S30323
ASTM F880 Grade S30430
ASTM F880 Grade S30433
DIN 1.4324
AISI 302
SAE 302
EN 1.4324