Cromonimet Steels Limited are a prominent supplier, stockiest, manufacturer, and exporters of High Nickel Alloy Forged Fittings. We are providing them in large varieties of types, sizes, schedules, and pressures. We specialize in manufacturing High Nickel Alloy Forged Fittings, which are in high demand and best-selling in many industrial applications such as chemical processing, marine, navy, petrochemical, refining, and oil, and gas industry. High Nickel Alloy Forged Fittings are widely used due to their strength, flexibility, and long-lasting. These forged fittings exhibit high strength coupled with high resistance in temperature and are used for high stress and heat applications. Our forged fittings have anti-corrosive functions with high strength and temperature resistance properties.

We, Cromonimet Steels limited, are authorized in manufacturing these high-grade High Nickel Alloy Forged Fittings to meet the exact requirements of our esteemed customers. As a customized dealer in the global market, for supplying these High Nickel Alloy Forged Fittings accordingly by keeping the demands of the customers in mind. We appreciated our customers for providing them with the best quality product all across the world. We are having a team of manufacturers; they are well qualified, experience holders, professionals, experts. They are applying all their knowledge in producing higher quality-oriented forged fittings with low maintenance. They are also testing the quality of raw materials before producing. Our infrastructure is sufficiently sophisticated with modern types of equipment that helps in producing these High Nickel Alloy Forged Fittings in huge quantity. Fabrication is also being done by our experts to maintain quality. They are referring to all quality standards and defined processes to ensure quality standards higher.

We, Cromonimet Steels limited, is testing the products in different parameters before dispatching the product to the customers. We are doing destructive and non-destructive tests to verify the quality of our products. Third-party inspection is also provided by us if the customer demands for it. We are completing all other industrial applications by supplying these High Nickel Alloy Forged Fittings in a reasonable amount. We are packaging these Fittings to prevent them from rusting and damages while delivering all across the globe to the customers.


Forged Fittings Specifications ASTM B564 / ASME SB564
Dimensional specification ASME 16.11, MSS SP-79, 83, 95, 97, BS 3799
ASTM B564 Forged Fitting Size 1/8” NB to 4” NB (Socketweld & Screwed-Threaded)
Nickel Alloy Forged Fitting Type Socketweld Fittings, Screwed-Threaded Fittings
Nickel Alloy Forged Fittings Class 2000 LBS, 3000 LBS, 6000 LBS, 9000 LBS
Heat Treatment Normalized, Normalized & Tempered
Value Added Services Cutting, Beveling, Polishing, Threading, Destructive, Non Destructive, Ultrasonic Testing
Inspection and Test Reports EN 10204 3.1, Mill Test Certificates, Chemical Reports, PMI Test Reports, Mechanical Reports, Third Party Inspection, NABL Approved Lab, Visual Inspection, Destructive Test and Non Destructive Test Reports
Marking Specification Grade Nominal Forged Fitting Sizes Forged Fitting Schedule or Pressure Manufacturing Method (Socket weld / Threaded) Heat Number Manufacturer’s Name or Custom Logo – on request Marked Forged Fitting Sample: ANSI B16.11 ASTM A 182 1/8” NB to 4” NB Elbow HEAT NO. XXXX
Outside Finish Finish as per customer Requirements
Packing of Nickel Alloy Forged Fittings Packed in Wooden Boxes, Plastic Bags, Steel Strips Bundled, or as per Customers Requests
Specials Sizes and Specifications other than above can be on request


Nickel 200 Threaded Fittings
Nickel 201 Threaded Fittings
Monel 400 Threaded Fittings
Inconel 600 Threaded Fittings
Inconel 601 Threaded Fittings
Inconel 625 Threaded Fittings
Incoloy 800 Threaded Fittings
Incoloy 800H Threaded Fittings
Incoloy 800HT Threaded Fittings
Incoloy 825 Threaded Fittings
Hastelloy C276 Threaded Fittings
Hastelloy C22 Threaded Fittings
Hastelloy B2 Threaded Fittings
Alloy 20 Threaded Fittings
ASTM A887 Grade S30460
ASTM A887 Grade S30461
ASTM A887 Grade S30462
ASTM A887 Grade S30463
ASTM A887 Grade S30464
ASTM A887 Grade S30465
ASTM A887 Grade S30466
ASTM A887 Grade S30467
DIN 1.4301
DIN X 5 CrNi 18 9
DIN X5CrNi18-10
BS 304S15
BS 304S31
UNI X5CrNi1810
SS 2332
UNE F.3551
SAE 304
EN X5CrNi18-10
EN 1.4301
GOST 08Ch18N10
GB 0Cr18Ni9
UNS S30400
ASTM A193 Grade B8P Class 1D
ASTM A193 Grade B8P Class 1
ASTM A193 Grade B8P Class 2
ASTM A193 Grade B8PA Class 1A
ASTM A194 Grade 8P
ASTM A194 Grade 8PA
ASTM A240 Grade S30500
ASTM A249 Grade TP305
ASTM A276 Grade S30500
ASTM A313 Grade S30500
ASTM A314 Grade S30500
ASTM A320 Grade B8P Class 1
ASTM A320 Grade B8P Class 2
ASTM A320 Grade B8PA Class 1A
ASTM A368 Grade 305
ASTM A473 Grade 305
ASTM A478 Grade 305
ASTM A492 Grade S30500
ASTM A493 Grade S30500
ASTM A511 Grade MT305
ASTM A554 Grade MT305
ASTM A580 Grade S30500
ASTM A959 Grade S30500
ASTM F593 Grade S30500
ASTM F593 Grade Alloy Group 1
ASTM F594 Grade S30500
ASTM F594 Grade Alloy Group 1
ASTM F738M Grade S30500
ASTM F738M Grade Alloy Group A1
ASTM F836M Grade S30500
ASTM F836M Grade Alloy Group A1
ASTM F837 Grade S30500
ASTM F837 Grade Property Class A1
ASTM F879 Grade S30500
ASTM F880 Grade S30500
DIN 1.4314
AFNOR 9160/C 109
AFNOR  9160C411
AFNOR Z 12 CN 18-10
AISI 305
SAE 305
EN 1.4314
DIN 1.4350
DIN X5CrNi18-9
SS 2333
EN 1.4350
DIN 1.4300
DIN X12CrNi-18-8
AISI 30302
SAE 30302
EN 1.4300
DIN 1.4325
DIN X9CrNi18-9
EN 1.4325
ASTM A182 Grade F316L
ASTM A182 Grade F316LN
ASTM A193 Grade B8MLN Class 1
ASTM A193 Grade B8MLN Class 1D
ASTM A193 Grade B8MLNA Class 1A
ASTM A194 Grade 8MLN
ASTM A194 Grade 8MLNA
ASTM A240 Grade S31603
ASTM A240 Grade S31653
ASTM A249 Grade TP316L
ASTM A249 Grade TP316LN
ASTM A276 Grade S31603
ASTM A276 Grade S31653
ASTM A276 Grade S31654
ASTM A314 Grade S31603
ASTM A320 Grade B8MLN Class 1
ASTM A320 Grade B8MLNA Class 1A
ASTM A336 Grade F316LN
ASTM A358 Grade A240 Type 316
ASTM A358 Grade 316
ASTM A358 Grade A240 Type 316L
ASTM A358 Grade A240 Type 316LN
ASTM A403 Grade CR316L
ASTM A403 Grade 316L
ASTM A403 Grade CR316LN
ASTM A403 Grade WP316L
ASTM A403 Grade WP316LN
ASTM A473 Grade 316L
ASTM A478 Grade 316L
ASTM A479 Grade S31603
ASTM A479 Grade S31653
ASTM A493 Grade S31603
ASTM A580 Grade S31603
ASTM A632 Grade TP316L
ASTM A666 Grade S31603
ASTM A774 Grade TP316L
ASTM A778 Grade TP316L
ASTM A793-96 Grade 316L
ASTM A813 Grade TP316L
ASTM A813 Grade TP316LN
ASTM A814 Grade TP316L
ASTM A814 Grade TP316LN
ASTM A943 Grade TP316L
ASTM A943 Grade TP316LN
ASTM A955 Grade S31603
ASTM A959 Grade S31603
ASTM A959 Grade S31653
ASTM A959 Grade S31654
ASTM A965 Grade F316LN
ASTM A988 Grade S31603
ASTM A988 Grade 18Cr8Ni modified with Mo low carbon
ASTM A988 Grade S31653
ASTM A988 Grade 18Cr8Ni modified with Mo and N
ASTM F2281 Grade S31603
ASTM F2281 Type I Class A
ASTM F593 Grade S31603
ASTM F593 Grade Alloy Group 2
ASTM F594 Grade S31603
ASTM F594 Alloy Group 2
ASTM F738M Grade S31603
ASTM F738M Grade Alloy Group A4
ASTM F836M Grade S31603
ASTM F836M Grade Alloy Group A4
ASTM F837 Grade S31603
ASTM F837 Grade Property Class A1
ASTM F879 Grade S31603
DIN 1.4404
DIN X2CrNiMo18-10
DIN X2CrNiMo17-12-2
DIN G-X2CrNiMoN18-14
DIN GX2CrNiMoN18-14
DIN X2CrNiMoN17-12-2
DIN X2CrNiMo17-13-2
DIN G-X2CrNiMoN18-10
BS 316S12
UNI X2CrNiMo1712
SS 2343
SS 2348
SS 2553
SAE 316L
EN X2CrNiMo17-12-2
EN 1.4404
GOST 03Ch17N13M2
GB 022Cr17Ni12Mo2
UNS S31603
DIN 1.4409
BS 316C12
EN GX2CrNiMo19-11-2
EN 1.4409
UNS J92800
DIN 1.4432
AFNOR Z3CND17-12-03
BS 316S13
EN X2CrNiMo17-12-3
EN 1.4432
GOST 06Ch17N13M3-WD
DIN 1.4435
DIN X2CrNiMo18-14-3
AFNOR  Z3CND18-14-03
BS 316S11
BS 316S31
SS 2353
UNE X2CrNiMo18-14-3
SAE 316LMo
EN X2CrNiMo18-14-3
EN 1.4435
GOST 03Ch17N14M3
GB 00Cr18Ni15Mo3
ASTM A240 Grade S30100
ASTM A240 Grade S30103
ASTM A240 Grade S30153
ASTM A554 Grade MT301
ASTM A666 Grade S30100
ASTM A666 Grade S30103
ASTM A666 Grade S30153
ASTM A959 Grade S30100
ASTM A959 Grade S30103
ASTM A959 Grade S30153
DIN 1.4310
DIN X12CrNi-17-7
DIN 14
DIN X10CrNi18-8
DIN X12CrNi17-7
DIN X 12 CrNi 17 7
AFNOR X10CrNi18-8
AFNOR Z12CN17-07
BS 301S21
BS X10CrNi18-8
UNI X2CrNi1807
SS 2331
UNE F.3517
AISI S30100
AISI 30301
SAE 301
SAE S30100
SAE 30301
EN X10CrNi18-8
EN 1.4310
ISO X10CrNi18-8
GOST 12Ch18N9
GB 1Cr17Ni7
UNS S30200
UNS S30100
UNS S30151
ASTM A167 Grade 302B
ASTM A194 Grade 8F
ASTM A194 Grade 8F with Se
ASTM A194 Grade 8FA
ASTM A194 Grade 8FA with Se
ASTM A213 Grade S30432
ASTM A240 Grade S30200
ASTM A276 Grade S20162
ASTM A276 Grade S30200
ASTM A276 Grade S30215
ASTM A313 Grade S30200
ASTM A313 Grade 302 Class 2
ASTM A313 Grade 302 Class 1
ASTM A314 Grade S28200
ASTM A314 Grade S30200
ASTM A314 Grade S30215
ASTM A314 Grade S30300
ASTM A314 Grade S30323
ASTM A320 Grade B8F Class 1
ASTM A320 Grade 303
ASTM A320 Grade B8F Class 2
ASTM A320 Grade B8FA Class 1A
ASTM A320 Grade 303Se
ASTM A368 Grade 302
ASTM A473 Grade 302
ASTM A473 Grade 302B
ASTM A473 Grade 303
ASTM A473 Grade 303Se
ASTM A478 Grade 302
ASTM A479 Grade S30200
ASTM A492 Grade S30200
ASTM A493 Grade S30200
ASTM A493 Grade S30430
ASTM A511 Grade MT302
ASTM A511 Grade MT303Se
ASTM A554 Grade MT302
ASTM A580 Grade S30200
ASTM A580 Grade S30215
ASTM A581 Grade S30300
ASTM A581 Grade S30323
ASTM A582 Grade S30300
ASTM A582 Grade S30323
ASTM A666 Grade S30200
ASTM A895 Grade S30300
ASTM A895 Grade S30323
ASTM A959 Grade S20162
ASTM A959 Grade S30200
ASTM A959 Grade S30215
ASTM A959 Grade S30300
ASTM A959 Grade S30323
ASTM A959 Grade S30430
ASTM A959 Grade S30432
ASTM F593 Grade S30300
ASTM F593 Grade Alloy Group 1
ASTM F593 Grade S30323
ASTM F593 Grade S30430
ASTM F593 Grade S30433
ASTM F594 Grade S30300
ASTM F594 Grade Alloy Group 1
ASTM F594 Grade S30323
ASTM F594 Grade S30430
ASTM F594 Grade S30433
ASTM F738M Grade S30300
ASTM F738M Grade Alloy Group A1
ASTM F738M Grade S30323
ASTM F738M Grade S30430
ASTM F738M Grade S30433
ASTM F836M Grade S30300
ASTM F836M Grade Alloy Group A1
ASTM F836M Grade S30323
ASTM F836M Grade S30430
ASTM F836M Grade S30433
ASTM F837 Grade S30300
ASTM F837 Grade Property Class A1
ASTM F837 Grade S30430
ASTM F837 Grade S30433
ASTM F879 Grade S30430
ASTM F879 Grade S30433
ASTM F880 Grade S30300
ASTM F880 Grade S30323
ASTM F880 Grade S30430
ASTM F880 Grade S30433
DIN 1.4324
AISI 302
SAE 302
EN 1.4324
ASTM A167Grade 310
ASTM A182 Grade F310
ASTM A182 Grade F310H
ASTM A213 Grade S31002
ASTM A213 Grade TP310Cb
ASTM A213 Grade TP310H
ASTM A213 Grade TP310HCb
ASTM A213 Grade TP310HCbN
ASTM A213 Grade TP310MoLN
ASTM A213 Grade TP310S
ASTM A240 Grade S31008
ASTM A240 Grade S31009
ASTM A240 Grade S31040
ASTM A240 Grade S31041
ASTM A249 Grade TP310Cb
ASTM A249 Grade TP310H
ASTM A249 Grade TP310HCb
ASTM A249 Grade TP310S
ASTM A276 Grade S31000
ASTM A276 Grade S31008
ASTM A276 Grade S31040
ASTM A312 Grade 310
ASTM A312 Grade S31002
ASTM A312 Grade TP310Cb
ASTM A3121 Grade TP310H
ASTM A312 Grade TP310HCh
ASTM A312 Grade TP310S
ASTM A314 Grade S31000
ASTM A314 Grade S31008
ASTM A336 Grade F310
ASTM A336 Grade F310H
ASTM A358 Grade A240 Type 310Cb
ASTM A358 Grade A240 Type 310S
ASTM A403 Grade 310
ASTM A403 Grade CR310S
ASTM A403 Grade WP310S
ASTM A409 Grade 310
ASTM A409 Grade TP310Cb
ASTM A409 Grade TP310S
ASTM A473 Grade 310
ASTM A473 Grade 310S
ASTM A478 Grade 310Cb
ASTM A479 Grade S31008
ASTM A479 Grade S31009
ASTM A479 Grade S31040
ASTM A511 Grade MT310S
ASTM A554 Grade MT310S
ASTM A580 Grade S31000
ASTM A580 Grade S3100
ASTM A632 Grade TP310
ASTM A813 Grade TP310Cb
ASTM A813 Grade TP310S
ASTM A814 Grade TP310Cb
ASTM A814 Grade TP310S
ASTM A943 Grade TP310Cb
ASTM A943 Grade TP310H
ASTM A943 Grade TP310HCb
ASTM A943 Grade TP310S
ASTM A959 Grade S31000
ASTM A959 Grade S31002
ASTM A959 Grade S31008
ASTM A959 Grade S31009
ASTM A959 Grade S31040
ASTM A959 Grade S31041
ASTM A959 Grade S31042
ASTM A965 Grade F310
ASTM A965 Grade F310H
ASTM F2281 Grade S31000
ASTM F2281 Type II
SAE 310
UNS S31000
DIN 1.4539
DIN X1NiCrMoCu25-20-5
BS 904S13
SS 2562
SAE 904L
EN 1.4539